Daftar 50 Lagu Korea Terbaru April 2013 Chart Billboard K-pop Hot 100

Lagu Korea Terbaru April 2013, berikut ini kami hadirkan daftar 50 lagu korea K-Pop terbaru april 2013 seperti yang kami langsir dari situs Billboard.com yang sejak tahun lalu menghadirkan deretan tangga lagu Korea terpopuler di Korea Selatan.

Lagu Korea Terbaru April 2013
Lagu Korea Terbaru 2013

Tangga Lagu Korea Terbaru April 2013 Billboard Charts K-Pop Hot 100

1: Love Blossom, K.Will
2: Turtle, Davichi
3: Be Warmed, Davichi (Feat. Verbal Jint)
4: Rose, Lee Hi
5: How About, GEEKS (Feat. Hareem)
6: Foreigner’s Confessions, Akdong Musician
7: Cherry Blossom Ending, Busker Busker
8: Goodbye, Hong Dae Kwang (With Soyou Of SISTAR)
9: Crescendo, Akdong Musician
10: And One, Tae Yeon (of Girls’ Generation)
11: Because I Love You, Baechigi, Shin Bora
12: Somebody, FIFTEEN AND
13: Man In Love, Infinite
14: Winter Love, The One
15: Love Actually, SunnyHill, Daybreak
16: Expectation, Girl’s Day
17: Love In The Milky Way Cafe, Akdong Musician
18: Snow Flower, Gummy
19: Ma Boy 3, Electro Boyz (Feat. NaNa Of Orange Caramel)
20: Miss Right, Teen Top
21: Just The Two Of Us, Davichi
22: Lay Back, K.Will
23: Gone Not Around Any Longer, Sistar19
24: What You Did to Me, JP (Feat. Jo Hyunah Of Urban Zakapa)
25: One Spring Day, 2AM
26: Unacceptable, Youn ha
27: Stay The Way You Are, Supreme Team (Feat. Crush)
28: Acacia, Baek Ji Young
29: Don’t You Know, Davichi
30: Thank You, Ra. D
31: Oops!, G.NA (Feat. IIhoon Of BTOB)
32: Monodrama, Huh Gak (With Yoo Seung Woo)
33: Babay, Zion. T (Feat. Gaeko)
34: It’s Over, Lee Hi
35: Hands Of The Clock, Shinyoo
36: Brunch, Gain, Hyung-woo
37: Shower Of Tears, BAE CHI GI (Feat. Ailee)
38: It Was Like That Back Then, ALI, C-CLOWN
39: Earthling?, 10cm
40: Tell Me Tell Me, Rainbow
41: 1440, Huh Gak
42: Tears, Leessang (Feat. Eugene of The SEEYA)
43: Boogie Man, Hong Jin Young
44: Dream Girl, SHINee
45: Sorrow Song, Yim Jae-Beum
46: If It Ain’t Love, Verbal Jint (Feat. Ailee)
47: Bad Girl, LADIES` CODE
48: Is It Ramyun, Akdong Musician
49: As I Say, Yoon Sung Ki, Jo Jae Il
50: Life As a Floating Weed, Kim Yong Im

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